Social Media: Know Your Audience

Before communicating anything, we should always stop and consider who is listening. This is no different when it comes to social media. In 2007 I jumped on Facebook and starting “friending” everyone; even acquaintances. A few years later I realized that my Facebook account had become a running list of everyone I had ever met in person. Not that these aren’t my friends, but there were things I wanted to share that I didn’t want going out to everyone. So instead of dropping Facebook all together (or trying to figure out how to customizing it) I moved to twitter.

On Twitter I went in the opposite direction. I only began to follow leaders, people who were experts in their industry. People whom I would probably never meet and become friends with. I immediately saw the benefit of this approach and began to see these social media outlets as different offices. Most recently I discovered Instagram and decided to make Instagram my smallest circle. This is where I would post things from my life that not everyone would care to seek/know.

So before you give up on social media all together, considering thinking in terms of the audiences and don’t be disappointed when “friends” don’t understand your post.